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If you’re new to the Paleo Diet, here are some resources that will be helpful.

(Note: These are all personal recommendations. I will never link to any media I haven’t personally reviewed.):

This is the first full book that I read specifically about the Paleo Diet (and one of the first books I purchased for my iPhone and actually finished). Required reading as far as I’m concerned. Easy to read and entertaining.

Possibly the most comprehensive book on the subject of nutrition. It can be a tough read due to the exhaustive detail and research, but when you’re finished, you’ll never look the same way at your food and food marketing.

This book changed the way I thought about eating.

Excellent documentary basically tearing apart many assertions made in the Super Size Me film by Morgan Spurlock. But the best part is the explanation about insulin. Low budget and sometimes tries too hard to be funny, but excellent nonetheless. It’s available on Netflix (free streaming if you have an account).

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  1. Ur blog, “Start Here | Paleo Everyday” ended up being definitely
    worth commenting on! Really needed to say you truly did a great work.
    Many thanks -Jewel

  2. Outstanding contribution, thank you. Just reaffirms my belief that the paleo diet should be modified to suit todays living environment. Again, well done.

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